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Reflections of our heritage with a clear view of the future.

The History of Oakley Transport, Incorporated

In 1961, Oakley Groves, Incorporated was started as an independent citrus fruit broker in Dade City, Florida.  Soon after, Oakley Brothers was established to enter into the harvest and hauling sector of the citrus industry. Over time, Oakley Brothers was merged into Oakley Groves, Inc. our parent company.  In 1986, the Oakley family decided to diversify out of total dependence on citrus, having endured the hard freezes of 1982 and 1984.  The newly formed company (Oakley Transport, Inc.) by the Oakley family was dedicated to transporting liquid food grade products in contiguous United States and also Canada and Mexico.  With Oakley’s commitment to growth and diversification, the family decided to relocate the Company’s headquarters to Lake Wales, Florida in 1986.

The 27-acre Lake Wales complex includes an administration building, dispatch center, fully equipped maintenance facility to support the needs for both tractors and trailers and a fuel depot.  Currently, Oakley Transport has terminals in Laredo Texas, Lake Wales, Ft. Pierce and LaBelle Florida, and a physical presence in Springfield Missouri, West Memphis Arkansas, Louisville Kentucky, Savannah Georgia, Auburndale Florida, Charlotte North Carolina, and Chicago Illinois.

Over the past 27 years, Oakley Transport has become a recognized leader in the liquid food grade transportation industry for quality service at a price sensitive value.

Values Statement

Oakley Transport, Inc., like any organization, has a set of core values.  The Company’s founders are family oriented forthright people practicing patience and understanding in their daily lives. Tom Ed Oakley, the founder of Oakley Groves installed upon our President Thomas E. Oakley the value of high morals and ethics.  These valuable concepts are communicated from the top down in the organizational structure.  The valuable concepts of morals and ethics are the catalyst that drives Oakley Transport’s’ stride for safety, social responsibility, image, commitment, integrity, and competency.

Oakley Transport’s commitment, integrity and competencies provide hundreds of mutually beneficial stakeholder relationships which are highly valued and nurtured at Oakley Transport. Our company has been very successful in establishing and maintaining such stakeholders’ relationships.  In an industry where “price is king”, Oakley Transport has been thriving at maintaining shipper relationships with pricing integrity.  Our company’s core purpose has yielded a competitive advantage not easily duplicated by our competition.

Oakley Transport, Inc. has a large concentration of supply chain services related to liquid food grade commodities.  Accordingly, our company goes beyond mandated safety regulations to preserve the organization’s overall industry leader image for safety and social responsibility.  Safety is our number one priority at Oakley Transport.  We consider each of our employees a risk manager.  Safety awareness is continuously reinforced throughout our organization. Emphasis is placed on each individual’s role. We are all cognizant of safety for our employees, to the ultimate consumers of the products we transport and to the public on the roads we travel.

Management’s careful consideration of core values that have survived the changes in our industry and market segments, has lead to the creation of the following values statement; management is convinced no matter what environmental changes, internal or external, these core values will remain as the Company’s guiding principles.

The Oakley Transport’s Value Statement

“Respect for the individual, commitment to business relationships and constancy of integrity and safety are the core of Oakley Transport.  These core values have remained intact throughout the Company’s history and will be unyielding in the Company’s future”