Oakley New FleetOakley Transport, Inc. is a full service, dedicated food grade carrier serving the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean Islands. To properly serve our customers, we operate sanitary tanks, as well as MC-307 and DOT-407 food grade tankers equipped with in-transit heat systems and stainless steel pumps.

Oakley Transport Inc.’s versatile tanker fleet powered by late model hi-tech, fuel efficient tractors enables us to provide a complete service to our customers in transporting their products. Our totally computerized operations provide instant real time information on any shipment with possibilities of integrating, sharing, and designing of logistics and operational networks that would allow virtually flawless execution of our daily duties and responsibilities.

Efficient, dependable service, competitive pricing and communicative customer relations are a way of life at Oakley Transport, Inc. Management continues to look for ways to provide that little extra service necessary to maintain a competitive edge in the market place. Oakley Transport, Inc. is here to serve you, should you need professional, value-added, quality service.


Client Services

Remaining fiscally viable in this extremely competitive industry is a very daunting daily task. To accomplish this, we at Oakley Transport, Inc. have one and only one mantra, “Customer Care”. With our innovative and industry leading technology we are able to meet and often exceed our clients expectations at a moment’s notice. One tool that our team has uniquely mastered is Oakley’s Regional Relay System (RRS). As we reach all 48 states, Canada and Mexico in a web-like effect, our “RRS” drastically cuts our client’s transit time to fit their needs if changes occur.

We take pride in knowing that our interactions with our cherished clients have the foundation of integrity, respect and loyalty. We call it “The Oakley Way”. We don’t only want to be a participant in this challenging industry, we want to lead! We feel that we can accomplish this by doing things the right way; “The Oakley Way”.

Customer Solutions

When timing is essential to keep your supply chain moving at optimal efficiency, Oakley Transport, Inc. provides responsive, ultra-reliable performance day after day.

Oakley Transport Inc. can provide a fleet of trucks at your disposal; essentially you can have all the advantages of a private fleet without the headache! You can choose to replace your fleet with an Oakley Dedicated fleet or supplement your existing fleet with drivers and trucks to accommodate growth or surges in demand. Either way, you benefit from our unrivalled combination of resources and logistics know-how.

We have the expertise and infrastructure to ensure your product will be where you need it, when you need it, with a solution that fits your schedule and budget. Our technology and supply chain engineering experts on staff will help you maximize efficiencies and savings through network modeling and optimization, transportation analysis, vehicle maintenance and scheduling, data analysis and visibility and process analysis to deliver real savings from your transportation network in the US, Canada and Mexico.


Maintaining and sustaining a triple bottom line focus on the environment, our social responsibilities and our financial obligations are at the heart of our daily decision making process. Oakley Transport, Inc. believes that environmental sustainability, conservations and protection, along with community advancement, can only be achieved by sustained economic progress.

1. It starts with running a green transportation and logistics business.

2.  Acting in a socially responsible manner with respect and integrity, and to give back to the communities in which we all live and work.

3. Operating as a low-cost, financially sound company that provides value to customers and ensures our business is built to last for future generations of associates.

Some call it sustainability. We call it good business!

Our approach to sustainability is holistic, and our commitment is genuine. Tommy and Ronnie Oakley are passionate about creating a company that’s built to last, one that sustains future generations and stands the test of time. Today, we embrace this commitment, and we operate each and every day with this vision in mind.